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2015 SWC Summer Painting Competition

The Judging

Max Dammit´s Scores 8 Points, nice work, lots of work.
Harkon Greywolf´s Scores Very good indeed “Kroot Fighting Pit” good concept, well carried out, and something different with a large “scope” : 9 points
Gareth´s Scores Incredible amount of effort, lots of things to look at, keep seeing new things everytime I look at it. A strong 7.
Krakgrenade´s Scores I really like this alot! Some clever improvisation and conversion
The only thing that I don´t like is the fact its using Catachan models which doesn’t go with diorama. Ogryns as slave labour on the other hand… Score : 8

Max Dammit´s Scores 6 Point, Nice work but a bit of shading would have made it a lot better.
Harkon Greywolf´s Scores Nicely done and I like the magnetised enemies, but the colour scheme, whilst well done, just doesn´t convey the heat etc traditionally associated with Avatars : 6 points
Gareth´s Scores I love the magnetic victim idea! I have never seen it done before. But the colour scheme doesn´t work with the fluff for me. in no way does this Avatar represent a fiery lava daemon. 6.
Krakgrenade´s Scores A nice looking Avatar, and unique idea. Crisp clean paint
The colour is off putting though but does not scream “hard as nails Burning god”. Score : 6

Gareth´s Scores Another fantastical idea! What a great use of a clear plastic ball, genius! The matt black paint job lacks highlights and any real detail, its all a little too mono tone for my liking, but a very clever idea. A 6 for the idea.
Harkon Greywolf´s Scores OK, the Holosphere! Wow! I love it! Now this is “Out of the box” thinking indeed! This has to be my 10 pointer!
Max Dammit´s Scores 7 Points, Nice conversion, just don´t know what it is but i like it.
Krakgrenade´s Scores I am sure I have seen a similar idea before using a clear glass ball before.
Saying that, it is well executed and looks really cool. The paint job inside the dome looks better than the actual chasis though. Score : 8

Max Dammit´s Scores 10 Points, Love it, the Marine coming out the back and all, gives a real batle feeling.
Harkon Greywolf´s Scores Carni/Rhino, ok another well done diorama and the little touches are good but it´s nothing extra special, in fact it´s a scene we see every time the marines play the Nids! ;) a good : 6 points again I think.
Gareth´s Scores I love the original artwork in the tyranid codex and this draws its inspiration from it. Its beautifully painted in codex colours, and can´t fault the painting. A 7, would have been higher if the schemes weren´t codex and something new and “designed”
Krakgrenade´s Scores Nicely painted razorback, and a good showing of a large TMC engaging it while a little critter goes for the marine.
Nicely based, good effort all round, but doesn’t make me say “wow” Score : 7

Max Dammit´s Scores 6 Points, Nicely painted, like the decor.
Harkon Greywolf´s Scores Archconfessor. I love this model and used one myself although in more traditional colours (trad = GW) : unfortunately I don´t like the blue staff shank, puts me off the mini : but the set is well done and it´s a very authentic setting and pose, I´ll give a 7 points for that.
Gareth´s Scores I like the scale of this piece, it really shows that no matter how much brightly decorated clothing or bling you wear you´re still a tiny dot compared to the sheer scale of the imperium. Painting is detailed and reasonably neat. but lack of conversion on the main piece means this gets a 6.
Krakgrenade´s Scores Good theme, lovely background and flooring, and a well executed miniature centre piece.
The good thing is the background doesn’t actually detract from the main model either. Score : 8

Max Dammit´s Scores 8 Points, lots of work went in these, but there is no common goal to the riders.
Harkon Greywolf´s Scores Wood Elf Riders (Glade Riders??), beautifully executed and painted and modelled, but again, Fantasy doesn´t “ring my bells” so I can´t get all enthused by it, but an 8 point for excellence in painting/modelling.
Gareth´s Scores Firstly the painting is incredible. All the little conversions like the guy standing up on the saddle, the banner top, the dioramic base is gorgeous, it even has tiny fallen leaves on it, fallen branchs, scratch made tree, and top it all off with beautiful soft tones perfectly blended, and gorgeous metals. My own concern is the lack of a “thinking outside of the box” brief. It would have been a 10 with a clever idea, but instead i have to give this a 9.
Krakgrenade´s Scores Clearly the best painted of all the entries, as befits the person who did the entry.
Great basing and scenery used and again does not detract from what is actually based on it. Score : 9

Max Dammit´s Scores 9 Points, Love the conversion, real ork like, just like it a lot.
Harkon Greywolf´s Scores Speed Freak Boss on a Trike! Can´t imagine who´d have one of these in his army! LOLOL This is good, the conversion catches the eye and the paint job is as good as any other Orky vehicle. I love the pose on the driver and the sleek meaty machine he´s driving : with a sidecar “tacked on” for Da Boss of course! ;) Got to be another 10 pointer from me I think!
Gareth´s Scores Stretched Assault bike with Assault Cannons up front is a nice idea! Painting is a little rushed in places, but generally neat. Bonus points for conversion, although the joins on the wheels shatter the illusion a little. 7
Krakgrenade´s Scores Some unique orkyness going on here as a Warboss on a bike conversion
The paint reflects the owners main army and is typically fitting with the model and race.
The base does let it down somewhat though. Had it been mounted within something such as part of an Ork camp, it would score a maximum. Score : 8

Max Dammit´s Scores 6 Points, Its a great conversion and I know who he has to be, And I get the golden wolfhead, but without it or a smaller version it would have don a lot better in my book.
Harkon Greywolf´s Scores Super Wolfy : Sorry this has a great concept then loses it for me by being a Cartoon character! It looks like something straight out of “All Dogs Go To Heaven”!! I think it´s the eyes that really does this for me. If they were narrower and more like a wolf´s eyes it´s probably workj better. Unless of course it´s meant to be a caricature(sp)! In which case I´ve missed the point, again! The work is good and the paint job is very nice, clean and to the point. I think the maximum I can give this is a 6 points.
Gareth´s Scores This is a unique space marine bike. The painting is good, and the conversions are great. 8
Krakgrenade´s Scores No bias to the SW! While not the best paintjob, the conversion is pretty good. Very fitting to a SW Lord. The Gold Wolf Head at the front though dominates a bit too much for my liking though. Score : 7

Max Dammit´s Scores 6 Points, Nice work, shame its not done.
Harkon Greywolf´s Scores The Tank I know nothing about. OK as a concept I can get that it´s made to look like something from a PC game (IIRC), but I don´t know it and again, these sorts of things aren´t my cup-of tea! And it would have been so much more liekly to impress if it had been finished. A poor 4 points I´m afraid.
Gareth´s Scores I´m sorry but this isn´t even finished. I´m not even sure what it is. 5
Krakgrenade´s Scores Well, its a tank chasis with a cardboard gun on it. Not sure there is an excuse not to have painted it to some kind of standard though. However, the entry was submitted which is cool. However, it lacks finesse. Score : 4

Max Dammit´s Scores 8 Points, Overall very good and life like paint job, good work.
Harkon Greywolf´s Scores OK, a Captain from the Wicked Witches army in the Wizard of Oz. ;) Another beautifully painted mini. Top marks for skill there. I´m not sure if it´s a conversion but its a nice dynamic pose and the weapon shows the right kind of “action” with the highlight and blood stain. The base is good too, but nothing really screams “Outside the box” here to me. So a 7 pointer for skill and artistry.
Gareth´s Scores This is gorgeous, but sadly lacks conversion and a clever idea. Can not fault painting though. With a clever idea, and a little conversion, this would have been a 10. Instead an 8
Krakgrenade´s Scores Crisp clean paintwork, lovely looking power sword, and a pretty base. Again nothing “outside the box” though. Score : 7

Max Dammit´s Scores 6.5 Looks nice, not much in conversion
Harkon Greywolf´s Scores K: Another good mini, nicely painted and some interesting little conversions. It´s different but not quite as “out the box” as I´d hope for, but a 6 for me.
Gareth´s Scores Very commanding pose, very neat and tidy, nice writing around the base edge. Clever conversion to hold the helm, but I don´t like the way he is holding it. A 7.
Krakgrenade´s Scores Very authoritarion looking DeathWatch Officer. Nicely adjusted legs and cool use of the arm to hold the helmet. Slung weapon is a nice touch and hangs as it should do without looking unnatural. Tidy banner too. Score – 8

After the results were totaled, we had a draw! Due to Competition rules this fell to the Site Moderators to vote. They had to score Entries F & G.

Brother Lysander´s Scores + Would serve as a wonderful display piece, and is the best entry as far as painting is concerned. Suitable in character for the army, and I like the standard bearer and the nod towards Elf agility and skill.
Brother Lysander´s Scores – Some enemy models interacting with the Wood Elves would have improved it as a diorama for me, for example the elf leaning out of the saddle looks like he is falling as there is no visible foe to lance.
Linda Lobsta Defenda´s Scores Nice crisp colours that match the forest. Subtle conversions. 8pts
Cheredanine´s Scores Spectacular paint job, by spades, rather concerned about the poor horse that appears to be jumping out of a tree?? if it was just marked on painting then 10, if it was marked as a diorama? 11, I would not be surprised to see it in GD winners list, I really cant say enough about this piece. BUT, out the box thinking? out the tree certainly, for innovation? well there is some conversion on poses, the freehand is innovative and the base could be argued as initiative, although could also be argues as a superbly rendered but well within the box for wood elves, I think overall 8pts

Brother Lysander´s Scores + Reminds me of both Akira and Ben Hur in one (chariot), and I´ve not been able to say that about many minis before. Very characterful for Orks, and a good use of bits in order to create it.
Brother Lysander´s Scores – The painting does appear a little rushed, and even allowing for Ork standards doesn´t negate that (mould line on the tire and Nob´s hand doesn´t help I guess). I also feel the passenger should be holding on, because if the bike went as fast as it looks like it could, he´d go flying, reckless Ork bravery or not. Scores…I´m going to have to give both an 8, given the guidelines for the competition.
Linda Lobsta Defenda´s Scores Nice conversion, painting is a tad rushed in places but I think it captures the Orky spirit well. Bit disappointed with mould lines 9pts
Both: In my opinion none are really outside the box, (then again hard to do with something as random as Orks I grant you). But the Ork one is slightly more original while the Asrai are clearly better painted.
While the Ork has mould lines it also has more character.
Cheredanine´s Scores This one is difficult, I think it comes down to “do you like it”, on a painting front I can see little if any evidence of highlighting, nor any attempts at wear and tear, conversion wise? it is a load of bits stuck together, which is fluffy, but as with the wood elf base, not entirely out the box given what it is, on a painting front I would probably score it a 5, given the conversion I would bump it to a 6 and seeing as I haven’t seen other ork vehicles like it, lets make it a 7pts

After this tie break decision it was still a draw between Entries F and G. This fell to a Special Judge to choose a winner. Step in Otaktay.

Otaktay´s Scores

Otaktay´s Scores Entry F. (Elven piece)

Painting wise this is very good and deserves to be considered in any painting competition; this competition was not just about painting though.

I was looking for the focal point that would grab my attention and immediately I was drawn to the banner. The work carried out on it is very good. The freehand flows very well and merges extremely well with the green stuff additions that have been carried out.

Conversion work is minimal but very well achieved. Standing on the horse running through the wood is a bit too far though; in my opinion. But this was well executed in the conversion work. The piece portrays the Elven agility and speed amazingly well. It also grabs your attention because of how well it is painted.

The base carries on the high-quality work of the painted models, by fitting in nicely with the actual bases of the individual models. The branches carry on to the base branches. The same can be said of the rocks and the bigger logs also. Well thought out.

Otaktay´s Scores Entry G. (Ork piece)

Painting wise this is not of a very high standard, but is that deliberate to give the right feel for the whole piece. Some parts like the power axe chevrons are painted well and thus further strengthen the fact the painting may be deliberate. However, a pure lack of weathering or highlighting on the actual Ork cloths, boots and other bits and pieces, say that this was not deliberate at all. It does look rushed and this may well have been the case. A shame because the convesion work is excellent.

Originality, is what the piece screams out loud; I have never seen anything like. To be original with Orks is a lot harder than it first seems. They are inherently original and creative by their narrative nature, so modelling original concepts is very difficult; this piece has achieved it (in my eyes).

A focal point is hard to find on this model, and after looking at it for a while I gave up and had a break hoping to see it after with new eyes; still didn’t find it. The whole model must therefore grab my attention equally, which is no easy matter to achieve.

However, this model is let down by the dreaded mould lines.

The base is simple but effective; maybe more could have been done to really pull you in to the model.


This competition was clearly labelled as to what was required even though the emphasis was very broad in character. I have pulled out a few catchwords or phrases to highlight this.

This competition was not just about painting.
Inspired and just down right cool.
Three colours and based is the typical criteria, but judgement on the whole entry will be based purely on your imagination and execution of the entry.
Something that really has a feel and a sense to it that captures the hobby item and genre you are entering with. With regards to the competition guidelines it would seem that ‘Entry G’ has taken all these guidelines and carried each one out. ‘Entry F’ doesn’t seem to go far enough down this avenue of guidelines at first glance. I think that ‘Entry G’ portrays the Orks extremely well. ‘Entry F’ also does this extremely well with the Elven genre. Movement is a hard concept to achieve on a static model but ‘Entry F’ achieves it extremely well, whereas ‘Entry G’ does not.

Point four above say that ‘Three colours and based is the typical criteria, but judgement on the whole entry will be based purely on your imagination and execution of the entry’ that includes painting standard as far as I interpret it.

So, my marks for the pieces are ……

‘Entry F’ Elven piece eight 8

‘Entry G’ Ork piece seven 7.

Final Competition Results

1st No Remorse : Entry F : 34pts / 24pts after mod tie break / 8pts after Guest Judge score
2nd Quase : Entry G : 34pts / 24pts after mod tie break / 7pts after Guest Judge score
3rd Artemic : Entry A : 32pts
4th Geifer : Entry C : 31pts
5th Gharst : Entry D : 30pts
5th The Cadian : Entry J : 30pts
6th Eiglepulper : Entry K : 27.5pts
7th Macewind : Entry E : 27pts
7th Samargh : Entry H : 27pts
8th Farseer Yestare : Entry B : 24pts
9th Vampire Lord : Entry I : 19pts

Thanks and Prizes

Firstly, many thanks to those who took the effort and time to enter the competition.

Secondly, congrats especially to those of whom were judged in the top categories!

You all deserve much praise indeed. Now onto the good bit…what are those prizes eh? Well this will make a few of you wish you had enter I am sure…

First prize : going to No Remorse.

Brand new boxed Master of the Ravenwing. (Courtesy of Darren Howling Griffon)

Second Prize : Quase.

The SW Forgeworld Bust. Kindly donated by Stretch. It does need a paint job though, so if you dont mind waiting, I shall repaint it for you. Else you can let me know if yoiu want to do it yourself.

Third Prize : Artemic

A boxed set of infantry donated by the SWC. This is a set equivalent to a Tactical SM squad, box of Necron Warriors, regiment boxed set fot WHF etc. You choose whats appropriate!

Other prizes Continue Reading…

2015 build a barry

2015 Quase and Zog´s Build a Barry Contest

Work in Progress Barrys

+++Commit to: Imperial Record+++

+++EST 03/8567INQUISITORIS 8353/1453+++

+++Crossfile to: Aliens/Segmentum Obscurus/Fenris+++

+++Xenos/text: Intercepted Orks-transmission+++

+++Input Date: 998.M41+++

+++Input Clearance: Inquisitor Krakgrenade+++

+++Authors: Zog and Quase+++

+++Thought for the Day: The results justify the deeds+++

Ere is dis fing on? Oi!! Stop pickin´ yerz nose and flip da switch!

Roight yooze ´umies an´ panzies, we ere Orks is da bestest race in da galaxy an we´ve bin usin Barry´s for yearz aint we Barry?….I SAID STOP PICKIN!

*Noise of small arms fire*

Soze we is challenging you gits to ave a go and make yer Barry´s betta than ourz, hur hur … right…right. If youze wins we´ll giv ya some nice real estate for yer planet. But youze betta be good!!! Ow do ya turn this off…What ere?”


+++Message ends+++

So, what´s all this then?

Well, quite simply, we (Quase & Zog) are running a small painting/converting contest.

The subject of the contest is “Make yer own Barry”.

What is a Barry anyway? Do you ask…

Well, a Barry is your common average foot soldier that is used in pictures of your conversion works to give a sense of scale.

So, the general idea is you take one of your armies´ most common soldiers, convert and paint them into a Barry, and provide us with at least one picture of Barry at work.

What kind of fig should my Barry be? Do you ask…

Now the most important part about a Barry is that he/she has to give us an adequate feel of size. Hence it would be best not to alter the height of your fig by for example giving him a bigger helmet or elevating his base, except when you can come up with a cool idea like Zog’s inch-o-meter. Hence your Barry will be based on a normal 25mm round base.

When and how do we submit our entries? Do you ask…

There will be two stages in this contest, each with their own deadline.

The first is the conversion, of which pictures have to be submitted at the latest on 8th October, the second is the painting, and here the pictures + one Barry @ work picture have to be posted on 22nd October.

You simply post up a new thread in the appropriate forum board with as a title [insert your nickname here]´s BARRY contest entry.

How will this contest be judged? do you ask…

Of your fig, three parts will be subject to our judging: originality (5 points), conversion skills (5 points) and painting skills (5 points).

Zog and Quase will be judging your entries without consulting each other, your ´points´ will be added, and the contestant that comes out with the highest score wins (simple, innit?). In the case of a draw, we will contact a third party, of whom the biggest asset will be that this person did not participate in the contest.

As you can see, the three parts are weighed equally, so someone with a very good idea, but who does average conversions and can´t paint too well has as much chance of winning this as a person that enters a stunning source-lightened bog-standard Muh-reen

What´s in it for me? do you ask…

Well, we´ve got prizes, of course.

Both of us have provided a nifty piece of terrain. Which will be sent out to the winner. And there even may be a runner’s up prize!

So Dere ya go ya gits What ya waitin fer get yer Barrys registered!

Any questions PM me, now get thinking what your Barry is gonna be!

Zog & Quase.

Guess the Points

Quite simply, check out the picture, and guess how many points of models are on the gaming board, your guess must be an exact number, not 50-100pts. WYSIWYG only points count. So the Ultramarine combat squad has a missile launcher and a powerfist, as they’re modelled on these points are included. But the unit won’t have been upgraded with grenades. Each SWC member gets a single guess, which must be PM’d to Gareth on the forum.


The member who manages to guess the closest to the points total will WIN a Brand New in Box Land Speeder Tornado plus a blister of their choice*. 2 Runners up will each get a blister of their choice*.

* A single blister up to a value of £10 Continue Reading…

2007 Independence Day “Guess the Points” Competition

Competition run time – 29th September until 11th October 7pm GMT

SWC Threw off the oppressive shackles of an Independent Games Workshop Retailer and the MSN Community Boards on the 11th
October 2006 and went completely independent. This move was supported by the members of SWC. These members donated money and prizes, and we had a raffle and generated enough funds to run the site for the next few years!

When something like this happens, its important to remember it, hence why the 11th of October will be known as SWC’s Independence Birthday. To celebrate we have a fun competition for all the members of SWC’s forum.

Greetings weary young pup…

your journey to the Fang has just begun…

Here you will be initiated as a Blood Claw, but first you have to walk through the Fangs of Morkai!
Actually its just a forum really, but hey what can you do?!

Upon successsful registration you will be able to fully participate in all the forums we have to offer
Here at the SWC you will be welcomed whether you’re a die hard Space Wolf player, or a traitorous Chaos Marine player, or even a tricksy Xenos Eldar, or even a murderous Tyranid.

Our forums cater for specialist games, Warhammer Fantasy, non GW Games, and contain many painting, hobby and competition based events
So what are you waiting for?

See the Minracing Youtube. and Pintertest.